Visual Footcare Technologies, Inc.
Identify • Monitor • Prevent: The Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Examination (CDFE) is a visually engaging clinical experience used to identify and stratify the triad of risk factors: Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) and Deformity that interact to ultimately result in ulceration.

VFT defines LEAP

(Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention)

Vi•su•al Foot•care Tech•nol•o•gies, n. Abbr. VFT. 1. A hybrid medical device and healthcare services company specifically targeting the lower extremity complications associated with diabetes. The lack of simple, cost-effective risk-identification tools, combined with the corresponding failure of patients to willingly comply with preventative care recommendations, has contributed to a dramatic increase in diabetic foot complications and related healthcare costs.

2. Visual Footcare addresses the diabetes market from four perspectives: 1) promoting preventative care 2) achieving better patient outcomes 3) reducing overall healthcare costs 4) integrating a data driven stratification protocol to assess the primary triad of risk factors for diabetic foot ulceration. VFT has developed a cost-effective healthcare delivery system that is standardized for Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP).